Have you ever looked up a recipe online, only to have to scroll through seemingly endless paragraphs about the author’s mother’s uncle’s soybean farm to get to that edamame hummus recipe?

The. Worst.

Marketing gurus do the same to their website visitors by hiding their most helpful and actionable tips in a sea of jargon. These marketers [who should know better!] make you trudge through buzzwords because they want to:

  1. Increase their page’s SEO rankings
  2. Increase your time on their landing page

No one should have to dig through regurgitated and redundant copy to find the one buried sentence that’s actually helpful.


Introducing #MarketingTipMonday.

Each Monday, get a quick tip to help you engage your prospects and ultimately convert more customers. No string of buzzwords that don’t add up to anything. No suggestions that require an increased budget. Just best practices in bite-sized form that you can apply to your marketing today.

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