#MarketingTipMonday No. 68

You know it’s important for you and your company to each have their own LinkedIn profile. Yes, you need both!

But which profile is most important for you, the small business owner with limited time and a long to-do list, to prioritize? 🤔


Your company profile adds legitimacy to your brand. Large brands that are separate from one person/owner need to invest in posting and responding to relevant content from their company profile.

However, if your company is small (or just you!) and service driven (i.e. you don’t sell widgets), your personal profile is more important because:

  • Building your personal brand automatically builds your company’s brand.
  • You have more name recognition than your company does. That may change over time (through smart marketing, of course!). This is especially true if you’re just starting out.
  • LinkedIn likes your content more than it likes your company’s content. It’s just a fact. Let the algorithm work for you and prioritize your personal profile.

So, what does this look like? While there isn’t an one-size-fits-all best practice, here’s how I manage my profile and Bright Oath Marketing’s:

  • I post on my profile 3+ times a week, and tag Bright Oath in each #MarketingTipMonday. Many LinkedIn gurus will tell you to post more often, which you certainly should if growing your LinkedIn following is a priority.
  • The Bright Oath account engages with every #MarketingTipMonday post (like & leave a comment).
  • I respond to smart, relevant content I see on my timeline from my personal profile. I typically leave comments on a few posts every business day.
  • I post on Bright Oath’s account two times a month or so.
  • I engage with anything Bright Oath posts from my personal profile.

My following on Bright Oath’s account is small (less than 10 people!) but that’s ok! My goal with that account is to make my company name more findable online and have my personal career timeline on LinkedIn look cleaner. LinkedIn is the only social media account I have for Bright Oath.

Since starting Bright Oath Marketing last year and being more thoughtful in my personal engagement on LinkedIn, my personal profile has grown. And I know that ultimately people hire me (not my company) to partner in their small business’ marketing.