#MarketingTipMonday No. 36

Small businesses, you need both a personal and company LinkedIn profile. Here’s why 👉

You know that people connect with people. From your personal account you can engage with other people’s content and stay connected to your prospects and customers. A personal LinkedIn account can be proactive and generates outbound interest.

Oppositely, your company LinkedIn account is passive. This account is important so people can find your business and to make you look more legitimate. A company LinkedIn profile is professional and generates inbound interest.

Check out this great article from Top Dog Social Media for more differences between the two account types and why it’s worthwhile to have both.

You don’t have to post daily on each. Prioritize your personal page, and post on your company page less frequently, like bi-weekly. Of course the more you post the more your engagement will grow, but time is a limited resource!

Are you using social media for your small business but don’t think it’s getting you anywhere? Let’s talk. I can help you set reasonable expectations for both results and time investment so you get the most out of LinkedIn.