#MarketingTipMonday No. 35

Santa isn’t the only one checking his list twice. It’s that time of year to finalize your annual marketing plan for 2022. Wondering what makes a successful annual marketing plan? Here are the naughty and nice lists.

Nice marketing plans:
✅ Set realistic, measurable goals.
✅ Leverage insights from competitor audits and past campaign results.
✅ Earmark budget for testing.

Naughty marketing plans:
❌ Are disconnected from your sales goals.
❌ Get bogged down in specific campaign details.
❌ Prioritize trendy tactics over tried-and-true.

How does your marketing plan for 2022 stack up? If you’re worried your marketing plan is on the naughty list (or you haven’t written one yet 😱), please reach out! I’m here to help with any of your small business marketing needs.