#MarketingTipMonday No. 34

This #MarketingTipMonday is a simple one. 👉 Plan ahead.

You already know that consistency in content marketing is crucial to create long-term success (but don’t post just to post!). Planning and prepping ahead of schedule can help you reach your content creation goals, since you’ll often have professional or personal tasks that supersede your marketing efforts.

I often joke that marketing is a business owner’s third priority. It comes after serving clients/doing whatever it is that your business actually does. And after turning hot leads into clients (sales). You can see why marketing often doesn’t happen, even with the best intentions! (Which is why outsourcing your marketing to a pro can be a great choice for your business. 😎)

I knew I was going to be on the road this Monday, so I created this post last week so it would be all queued up and ready to go. Whether personal or professional needs override your marketing goals, planning and working ahead of schedule can keep you on track.