#MarketingTipMonday No. 31

You know that consistency is an important part of marketing. And repetition is crucial to extend your brand. Unfortunately some content creators use those truisms as an excuse to post, well, crap.

Today, my inspiration cup was as dry as the bones Ezekiel saw in the Valley.

I considered skipping this Marketing Tip Monday, but then a voice in my head said, “WhAt AbOuT CoNsIsTeNcY?”

I told that voice to be quiet. It is much more important that I share relevant content that my audiences care about than that I meet some arbitrary posting deadline. Likely no one would notice if I miss a Monday, but you will notice (and unfollow!) if I start sharing content you don’t care about.

Then it hit me

That’s the tip!

Posting regularly is important. Consistency is a key to growing your audience. And deadlines will keep your goals from falling through the cracks. But don’t post just to post.

Consider each blog post, tweet, or video as an opportunity to build trust with your audiences. If the content isn’t doing that, skip it.