#MarketingTipMonday No. 84

If you’re sending marketing emails, the replies MUST go to an actual inbox.

Using a no-reply email discourages your customers and prospects from starting a two-way conversation with you. Literally why would a business ever do this?!?

To make matters worse, using a noreply@ email address may increase the likelihood that your email gets caught by spam filters and won’t even make it to the intended inbox.

Not comfortable handing out your personal email address? Create an info@ or, my personal favorite, hello@ email for your domain.

The main reason why businesses use a no-reply email address on marketing emails is because they don’t want to deal with the spam in their inbox…

My follow up question to this decision making process is: why are you sending messages to email addresses likely to produce spam replies in the first place? 🧐 Unless your CRM is meticulously maintained, you don’t want to email your full file.

Employing smart email marketing practices across the board leads to a more engaged list AND a better return on the time spent keeping that list engaged.