#MarketingTipMonday No. 85

Once you click “schedule” on your marketing email, the work isn’t over.

Think you know the final step most people skip?

No, it isn’t reporting (although that’s important and often forgotten too!).

Here’s the part of running a marketing email campaign that’s frequently missed: dealing with all the bounce back replies.

Once an email campaign someone (likely YOU if you’re the person sending the email) needs to sift through all those replies and:
🛠️ Remove any bounced or “I no longer work here” contacts from your database.
🛠️ Opt out anyone who asked to be unsubscribed. Sure, they could have just clicked the unsubscribe button in the email you sent, but some people like to go out with a bang. You did include an unsubscribe link, right?
🛠️ Add people on long-term leave (maternity or otherwise) to your 90-day suppression list.
🛠️ Update your CRM with any title changes or other changes pertinent to your business relationship with that person.

*REMINDER* your marketing email replies need to go to an actual inbox. Don’t use a noreply@ email address!

This frequent micro-maintenance has many benefits:
🧹 Maintains your database so you won’t have to do as many soul-sucking bulk data clean ups.
🧹 Keeps your lists fresh so your email audiences are always as accurate as possible.
🧹 Gives your sales team or other people using the CRM real-time data.
🧹 Provides the best customer experience for your email list.

Successful email marketing requires more than just write-proof-send. If your small business needs help with your email marketing — from domain authority to inbox placement to metrics to list segmentation to, oh, actually creating the emails— let’s talk.