#MarketingTipMonday No. 82

To acquire the 100, or 100,000 names on your email file, you spent time and effort crafting customer-focused content. (Go you!) This is the only way to get people to invite you to into their inboxes.

Yet, you might be sad to learn that you shouldn’t email your full email file.

An email file has built in attrition. Records “go bad” because people change jobs or stop using their email addresses or change roles.

By suppressing the bad email addresses, you’ll improve your email deliverability and inbox placement. Both of these are key to the long-term success of your email marketing.

Here are 5 kinds of folks to remove from your email marketing:

  1. People who opted-out (likely your email platform automatically removes these)
    Don’t forget to make it easy for people to opt-out! Here’s why.
  2. People who didn’t opt-in (you weren’t emailing these folks in the first place, right? )
  3. People who won’t be interested in the offer of the email (segmentation is key here!)
  4. People who haven’t opened an email from you recently (every company defines recently differently)
  5. People who work for competitors (not all businesses choose to suppress competitors. It’s with a conversation with your CMO).
    Keeping an eye on your competitors is a great way to improve your marketing. So, you may not want to deliver parts of your marketing strategy directly to your competitors’ inboxes.

Pro-tip: create an automated list for each of these in your CRM and suppress all the right folks automatically.

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