#MarketingTipMonday No. 81

Unpopular opinion among marketing pros:

Marketing doesn’t have to be flashy to be effective.

I’m on a modified maternity leave right now and am executing the bare minimum to keep my clients’ marketing activities afloat:

  • publishing blog content
  • sending emails to subscribers
  • posting organic social posts
  • keeping an eye on results
  • making plans for 2023 Q1 (when I’m back full time)

Nothing jazzy.

But you know what? This month is STILL going to move the needle forward for my clients because we’ve been doing good marketing work for a long time. Marketing builds on its own success.

Often, marketing experts will sell their clients on interactive website experiences (a video with a parallax and text that swoops in!), rigorous blog posting schedules (daily? God forbid!), frequent customer persona creation and audits (does it matter that Jane might have a cat?), and more.

While all these things can have a place in strategic marketing, they also make more money for the marketer because they take more time/experience. But do they really make a difference for your bottom line?

Maybe not.

What does great marketing look like for most small businesses? Simple, user-friendly marketing that’s focused on the prospect’s pain points. Your marketing doesn’t have to be flashy to be effective. It just needs to be clear, consistent, and customer-focused. Let’s talk about what smart marketing strategies could do for your small business.