#MarketingTipMonday No. 80

If you’re just beginning to invest in marketing for your small business, figuring out how many:

  • social media posts to create weekly
  • emails to send monthly
  • webinars to produce annually

seems like a good place to start.

In fact, the question I’m asked most often by clients is: “How often do I need to do [insert tactic here]?”

But here’s a better question for small business owners to ponder before launching their efforts: “How many hours am I willing to dedicate to marketing each month?

Determining how much time you can invest prevents the critical error of choosing too many tactics and either:

  1. only being able to commit partial time needed to each tactic
  2. having to drop some tactics because you realize you don’t have the bandwidth. Most marketing tactics take time to pay off!

Ultimately, you want to pick a handful of marketing activities, and do those full out.

Need help figuring out how much marketing impact you can have in your allotted time? Let’s talk!