#MarketingTipMonday No. 79

Your business’ website has literally ONE purpose:

To covert.

Depending on what your company does, that conversion might be:

  • to get people to contact you
  • to get people to buy
  • to get people to donate
  • to get people to demo

That’s it.

It’s easy to get discombobulated by mammoth sized websites with lots of blog posts, gated content, videos, and more and think that’s what you need on your website to be successful. Thankfully, that isn’t the case.

Whether your website is large or small, it can work effectively towards that ultimate goal of conversion with one strong CTA. Here’s some simple website updates to make your website more likely to do it’s one job:

  1. Place your primary call-to-action (CTA) in the top right corner of your header or nav. Your website nav is prime real estate: so use it wisely! Consider making the CTA sticky (i.e. doesn’t move as people scroll) and/or a different font or color so it stands out!
  2. Put your primary CTA in the footer too. If your goal is for people to contact you, go ahead and add the form right into your footer.
  3. Add anchor links and buttons throughout your website that lead to the desired action. If a website visitor decides they’re ready to act, you don’t want them to have to do any “work” to figure out how to take that action. Don’t worry; you can integrate CTAs throughout your website in thoughtful (i.e. not annoying) ways.

The more you focus your website on your primary conversion, the more likely you are to:
>Increase the number of conversions
> Not be tricked by vanity metrics that aren’t contributing to your bottom line.

Need help creating a website for your small business that converts? Let’s talk.