#MarketingTipMonday No. 83

Each Monday, I share a quick marketing tip that small business owners can use to improve their efforts.

Lots of work goes into brainstorming the topics and simplifying the posts, yet this weekly effort receives almost no engagement.

On the other hand, posts about being a night owl or using a paper shredder get tons of reactions and comments.

Is the takeaway that I should stop posting marketing advice and only produce more popular, work-adjacent content?


Because I’m not in the business of sleep cycles or identity theft.

In order to build my credibility as being a thought leader of small business marketing, I have to talk about small business marketing. And by positioning myself as a thought leader in this area, I will acquire (and have acquired) new clients.

It’s true. There is content you could create that will perform better than your thought leadership musings. (Example: react videos are the most popular content on YouTube.) But to what end?

If your goal is simply to have a lot of followers, then post only what’s popular. But if the goal for your social media accounts is to support your revenue goals, you HAVE to continue to post thought leadership content.*

The moral of the story is this: low engagement on social media doesn’t necessarily mean you’re doing it wrong.

*Not all thought-leadership content is created equal. If you think your metrics could be improved, let’s talk about how to create original, consistent, and interesting thought leadership content for you business.