#MarketingTipMonday No. 53

You know you should repurpose your marketing content (the pros say to do it all the time!), but you don’t know how or even why you should spend the effort repurposing content.

Three reasons why you should repurpose your content:

  1. You put a lot of effort into creation that piece! Extend its life by sharing it in more than one format.
  2. You had an awesome subject-matter expert participate! His or her time is limited. Stretch the ROI on their collaboration.
  3. Your audience does not remember everything you produce! Repetition is key to memorable messages.

Eight ways you can repurpose you content:

Say your company produced a successful webinar. Here are 8 ways that content could be repurposed:

🔀 Make the webinar available on-demand so people can watch the recorded version.

🔀 Create a blog post answering the questions you received live at the end of the recording, with a link to the full episode.

🔀 Chop up the 30 minute recording into short clips (30 seconds – 1 minute) to post on social media.

🔀 Write a white paper, using the webinar slides as your outline.

🔀 Apply to speak at a conference with the same session concept.

🔀 If the content keywords have reasonable search volume, create a landing page including the white paper and webinar recording. Not only will this bring in organic traffic, but you could run paid search ads too.

🔀 Include the recorded webinar in a “best of” series in the future.

🔀 Pull quotes from the webinar for your social media. Don’t forget to tag the person quoted!