#MarketingTipMonday No. 52

This post marks 1 year of #MarketingTipMonday. 🥳

Which leads me to today’s tip: some things in marketing are hard to measure. Marketing analysts spend lots of time trying to attribute revenue to specific marketing campaigns, but it can be futile.

Consider this likely situation: you connect with a lead on LinkedIn, that person visits your website through a google search, but ultimately starts a sales conversation with you at your conference booth. Which effort should get the credit?

All of them.

While it is important to review the KPIs on your specific campaigns to make sure they’re performing well, take a step back each quarter (or certainly annually) and consider how your collective marketing efforts have impacted lead gen, brand awareness, and sales.

For example, let’s say last year you started emailing your subscribers every 3 weeks. The same year, you’ve experienced a spike in repeat customers. Did the newsletter impact your repeat customer revenue? Probably! Can you prove it? No.

This practice is particularly important for small businesses just starting a formal marketing practice, as many marketing efforts have long-tail results.

If you’re just starting your business’s marketing practice or need help measuring the success of your efforts, reach out.