#MarketingTipMonday No. 98

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again.

Get 👏 that 👏 piece 👏 of 👏 marketing 👏 proofed 👏

Even I* have made the mistake of sending a poster to a printer or an email out to subscribers without having someone else take a look.

The consequences of not having a proofing pro take a look at your marketing?

  • typos that make you appear unprofessional
  • wasted time or money fixing the mistake
  • an incorrect link so your customers don’t know where to take the desired action

A good copyeditor or proofreader is always worth the investment.

And a great one can help you get an outsiders perspective on the piece too. I usually ask my proofreaders to also check if anything “isn’t working as they’d expect.” Since they’re already reading the copy, it’s a natural extension of that task for them to make sure the buttons, hyperlinks, pop ups, etc. all do what the copy indicates they will.

*This Marketing Tip Monday is inspired by a recent poster I created for a client. “Why get this proofed?” I thought. “It’s just two sentences.” Whoops! I put “your” instead of “you’re.” My proofreader would have caught the typo and saved me both time and the cost to reprint!