#MarketingTipMonday No. 100

Small business owners are very comfortable with marketing their products or services:

➡️ “Buy my widget today and you’ll get two for the price of one. But wait, there’s more!”

But the kind of marketing that positions the entrepreneur as a thought leader takes some more convincing:

➡️ “Wait, you want me to just GIVE AWAY my best ideas FOR FREE?”

Yes, small business owner. I do want you to give away your best advice for free.

I’ve been giving away my best marketing advice for free for the past 100 Mondays.

And you know what I’ve never heard when talking to a prospective client? “Elyse, why would I need you to market my small business? With all the advice you’re posting for free, I can just do it myself!”

In fact, posting these marketing tips each Monday has:

  • ❤️ positioned me as a small business marketing pro
  • ❤️ up-sold current clients interested in expanding their marketing reach
  • ❤️ and showcased my knowledge, skills, and abilities to prospective clients

What’s not to love?