#MarketingTipMonday No. 56

You likely set some marketing tactical production goals like:
🤓 send an email to your subscribers each month
🤓 write 6 blog posts per quarter
🤓 secure 3 industry speaking engagements annually

But time passes and, shoot, your deadline is next week! You can’t cram a month’s, quarter’s, or year’s worth of effort into a week!

The only way to consistently meet your long-term marketing production goals is to set milestones, working backwards from your ultimate deadlines.

Let’s look at the monthly email to subscribers example. If you want to send an email each month around the 15th that means:

  • 13th: Email is QCed and scheduled
  • 11th: Email goes to proofing
  • 9th: Email approved
  • 2th: Email written and designed
  • 25th: Email supporting resources published

Instead of marking the 15th on your calendar (send monthly email to subscribers), mark the 25th of the month prior instead (start monthly email to subscribers)! If you’re using a project management system, create a template with all of these deadlines and have the tasks assigned to the appropriate person.

Pro tip: Discover why you should schedule your monthly emails mid-month.

This quick marketing tip will ensure you never miss a marketing production deadline.

*This is more of a project management tip than a marketing one, but successful marketing requires successful project management!