#MarketingTipMonday No. 15

For many small businesses, the brand’s personality and the owner’s personality are one in the same. And that’s fine! But as the team contributing to the marketing grows, maintaining a cohesive brand voice takes a concerted effort.

To keep a consistent brand, include content and copywriting tips in your brand guidelines (not just logo directions, which is all many brand guidelines include!). Some examples that could be included in a brand guideline:

  1. We want to write in the clearest way possible to reduce barriers for our audiences. Leave your SAT prep vocab flashcards, your semicolons, and your hithertos at home.
  2. We don’t use memes on a blog post or landing page, but it’s fine to use memes on social.
  3. When pulling in names from our CRM, always address the recipient as <first name> not <salutation> <last name>.
  4. URL subdirectories should include hyphens between words like /contact-us instead of /contactus.
  5. We don’t use buzzwords like synergy or innovative or alignment in our marketing. We instead opt for more specific words that better explain our USP. 

These are 5 examples of the many content and copywriting rules that you could include in your brand guidelines. By defining these, you’ll get better on-brand content from your contributors and create less work for your marketing staff trying to maintain one brand voice.