#MarketingTipMonday No. 104

I recently attended a lunch and learn for small business owners. While the presenter was knowledgeable about her subject she:

  • Didn’t introduce herself or her company
  • Her contact slide only included her headshot and a smorgasbord of social media icons

And while this is an extreme, yet real-life example, it’s very common that small business owners under-represent their brand in their own marketing. Why? Because:

  • 👎 They’re focused on their other content and forget
  • 👎 They don’t want to “waste time” on their brand
  • 👎 They think people already know who they are

Whether you’re giving a presentation, making a flyer for a tradeshow, or posting a video on LinkedIn, ALWAYS include some branding information. This is particularly important for marketing media that can be shared without being tied back to you, like a forwarded presentation deck.

No one will take the effort to find you (to ultimately do business with you) if they don’t know your name or your company name. A website address or phone number doesn’t hurt either!

If you need a fresh set of eyes on your marketing pieces to make sure they’ll reach their intended goal, let’s talk.