#MarketingTipMonday No. 109

There are 3 parts to an effective case study:

  1. Situation (What was the problem the customer faced?)
  2. Solution (What did you do to solve the problem?)
  3. Results (Did it work?)

Many think that the “Results” section is what sells your company to future prospects, but that’s not true.

Here’s why 👉 “Results” is heavily influenced by the client’s “Situation” (their budget, their market share, their reputation).

“Solution” is where you give a taste of your small business’ secret sauce. The value of your organization is in the “Solution” you recommend and implemented.

So consider this when creating your next case study: Given the “Situation” of your client, why did you recommend that “Solution”? The answer to this question is where you can most differentiate yourself from competitors.

A well-written case study can be a bottom-line changing part of your content marketing strategy. Need help creating case studies that impact your revenue? Let’s talk!