#MarketingTipMonday No. 77

While you shouldn’t manipulate or fabricate your small business’s online reviews (on google, facebook, yelp, etc.), you can take strategic steps to improve them.

Here’s how to improve your online reviews (in 3 steps!) …

Step 1: Ask everyone right away.

Ask all your clients to leave a review. You can do this on your receipts, invoices, or throughout your in-person location. (Have you seen appeals for reviews in bathroom stalls? That might be taking it too far…)

Asking for feedback should be a standard part of your point-of-sale experience.

Step 2: Make it easy.

A combination of QR codes and vanity URLs make it simple for clients to get to the right place leave a review online. Be sure to use both! Some people aren’t QR code savvy and others won’t want to type in the vanity URL.

If your reviews are primarily on one platform, direct your customers directly to that site. You want to limit the number of steps/clicks they have to follow to leave a review.

3. Provide an alternative.

On the appeal for reviews, be sure to provide an alternate way to give feedback, particularly for a poor experience. Something like:

Had a 5-star experience?
Please leave us a public review!

How can we improve next time?
Share your concerns with our <title>, <name>.

This both encourages positive reviews and gives the client the opportunity to rectify any issues outside of the public square.


If your business has repeat and referral customers, you know that you’re providing a product or service that people find value in. Yet, a negative online ranking may hinder you from acquiring new customers.

By asking all of your clients to leave a review in a timely fashion, you can improve your online rankings.

In fact, a client I started working with in February had a 2.3 Google ranking at that time. By following these best practices, we’ve improved their online reviews to a 3.0. Also, dissatisfied customers are having their issues resolved in a timely manner. A win-win!