#MarketingTipMonday No. 92

Your small business marketing outcomes will improve when you improve your design skills.


[Hold up: don’t pay for that Adobe subscription just yet.]

While there’s certainly a place for marketing pros with artsy-fartsy design skills, basic design and visual organization best practices will immediately improve the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns.

Here are 4 examples of good design that any small business owner can do:

👉 create visual hierarchy that matches the textual hierarchy
(think: headlines and sub-headlines)

👉 leave lots of white space
(walls of text = eyesore)

👉 choose font colors that are ADA compliant
(why hinder people with visual impairments from reading your message?)

👉 employ bullets and lists
(like this one)

Ultimately, great design removes barriers for the audience, making it easier to consume your message. Following design best-practices will only extend the impact of your marketing efforts.