#MarketingTipMonday No. 12

Your marketing won’t always go as planned. Your automated email pulls in incorrect client data; FedEx reroutes your boxes and you don’t have anything for your conference booth; your newest campaign has a negative undertone you didn’t catch before it was live; a stressful Monday leads to a #MarketingTipMonday post on a Tuesday. 😅

Behind the scenes of great marketing efforts, even automated marketing efforts, are real people. Real people who are flawed.

When you’re experiencing a marketing misstep, correct the misunderstanding or fulfill on the broken promise asap. Marketing is all about building trust. If your audiences can trust you through the marketing process, they’re more likely to be willing to trust you as a client.

It’s unrealistic to have the goal of everything always going to plan. But it is realistic to choose to own up to your mistakes 100% of the time. Humility when you’re wrong is an important life skill that will serve you well in marketing and beyond.