#MarketingTipMonday No. 11

Apple’s newest privacy advance means a change up in what marketers can see and track. For example, you’ll no longer be able to tell if someone opened your email if they’re using the Apple mail app (which almost 40% of people do).

Deep breaths.

But in truth, this shouldn’t be a big deal since open rates are just one of the many metrics you watch. The success of your campaigns and future marketing decisions can’t rely on one metric.

Each piece of information you know about your consumers is like one thread in a tapestry. Together all the data tells a story, but in isolation one piece of data is pretty much worthless. And one missing thread won’t ruin the tapestry.

Tech providers change up what metrics they report on all the time (not just because of privacy concerns). By collecting and tracking lots of metrics about your marketing performance, you’ll continue to have a good understanding of what motivates your audiences, even as some metrics vanish and new ones are added.