#MarketingTipMonday No. 41

If you aren’t doing your own Public Relations, your competitors will do it for you. 😱

Some businesses shy away from managing their own PR because:

  1. They don’t like to toot their own horn.
  2. They don’t think people will care about the news/ it doesn’t impact their clients.
  3. They prefer to share updates 1-1 instead of public announcements.

While those all seem like good reasons to shy away from writing a press release or putting an announcement on your website or on social, the truth of the matter is that people will fill the gaps in their knowledge with something, and you have an audience that isn’t in your rolodex.

Your customers and prospects may make assumptions from their own experience. Worst case scenario: your competitors create a narrative where you’ve left a void.

For example: if you aren’t explaining why you’re introducing new a new product, your competitor might hypothesize …

“Didn’t you hear? XYZ company is trying to make widgets now as a hail mary because their bobble sales are so terrible. They’ll do anything to try to make a buck.”

Don’t give a competitor the chance to tell YOUR brand’s story. Own your reputation by owning your PR.

If you need help creating and owning your small business’ story, let’s talk! I’m the Mother Goose of small business brand storytelling.