#MarketingTipMonday No. 1

Welcome to a new initiative, #MarketingTipMonday where I’ll share a marketing tidbit that will help you engage your audience and ultimately convert more customers.

This week’s tip: Only make promises in your marketing that you can and will fulfill. Here are some examples of “innocuous” broken promises frequently made by marketers:

  • – Opt out of our emails and you won’t hear from us
    *immediately sends an email to confirm the person wanted to opt out
  • The white paper will be available in April. Complete this form to receive it once its complete
    *the white paper isn’t finished until August and you use their contact information from the form to contact the person before they’ve received the resource
  • Take our 1 question survey
    *survey has 1 required question and 5 optional one

If people can’t trust your marketing to fulfill promises, why would they trust your business?