#MarketingTipMonday No. 20

Writer’s block.

Everyone struggles with it. And a blank page can seem even more daunting when you’re tasked with creating a piece of content as a subject-matter expert (i.e. not a “writer”).

You know so much about your trade, whether it be email marketing or childhood obesity or roofing. But how can you take that comprehensive knowledge and successfully transform it into a bite-sized blog post?

You can find focused, succinct content marketing topic ideas in the questions that clients frequently ask you.

Here’s some examples of using your clients’ FAQs to spark inspiration and highlight one part of your knowledge:
– Email marketing 🔀 What do Apple’s Privacy changes mean for our KPIs including email open rates?
– Childhood Obesity 🔀 Is it ok for children under the age of 2 to drink fruit juice?
– Roofing 🔀 What are the pros and cons of a metal roof on a home?

In fact, I thought of a common question that my clients ask me to write up this week’s #MarketingTipMonday. See what I did there?