#MarketingTipMonday No. 95

You’ve probably know the benefits of repurposing your content. Chopping up that white paper into a blog post or combining a group of social media posts into a video is an efficient strategy.

But there’s another way you can use the content you already have to create more content that will resonate with your small business customers …

Find gaps in your content library by asking follow up questions to the content you already have.

Here’s an example:

Say your small business does drywall and plaster. You just finished writing a blog post about the pros and cons between the two options. One of the cons of plaster is how difficult it is to hang a picture without cracking the drywall.

Hmmm… how would a customer hang a picture if they already have plaster walls?


That’s a great idea for your next blog post!

There are 3 reasons why asking questions about the content you have is a great strategy:

  1. Once you write a blog post about how to hang pictures on plaster, you can add a hyperlink to the pro-con blog post that points to the new blog. Internal linking strategies are great for your websites functionality and UX.
  2. You’ll end up with a interwoven web of content around a topic. This is how brands end up being the one-stop-shop for questions related to their service or product offerings.
  3. It’s a quick way to come up with a good idea for a new content piece. Usually brainstorming is the slowest, and most frustrating part of content creation!

I use this strategy all the time for my clients, and for my own content marketing too. If you need help finding the gaps in your content library to keep your sales prospects engaged, let’s talk.