#MarketingTipMonday No. 94

Sometimes marketing goes viral.

And sometimes marketing supports the services or products your company provides.

These tend to be mutually exclusive, especially in B2B marketing.

If forced to choose (which you often will be), opt for marketing that supports your sales goals by highlighting your products, services, or industry knowledge.

Consider this 👉 a video of my son trying a lemon for the first time (adorable) would likely get way more traction than this post about content curation.

But is that cutie pie with a puckered face going to earn me more business?


This tension hearkens back to the old adage: quality over quantity.

A marketing effort that reaches 500 people, but converts 10 is better than a marketing effort that reaches 1,000,000 people, but converts 2.

So the next time you’re discouraged with your marketing metrics, focus on the most telling KPI: conversions. How your marketing effects your sales is the best measurement to check that you’re on the right track. A marketing partner can help.