#MarketingTipMonday No. 73

Let’s talk about 0-click content, an “older” digital marketing trends that’s making its way back into the spotlight as marketers attempt to outsmart the algorithms.

Need a refresher? In a nutshell, 0-click (or zero-click) content is a tactic that doesn’t encourage the audience to click over to your site, but rather keeps them on Google, LinkedIn, YouTube, or wherever they’re currently consuming content. Check out SparkToro’s blog post for a more expansive definition.

Some examples of 0-click content are:

  • YouTube videos
  • Social media posts without a link to your blog or other content
  • LinkedIn newsletters
  • SEO content placed in google’s elusive featured snippet spot

🤩 Platforms obviously like 0-click content because it increases the time spent on their sites. This is why social media algorithms prioritize this content in newsfeeds.

🧐 Small business owners and marketers tend to dislike 0-click content because it doesn’t drive website traffic and is more difficult to track (and ultimately show returns on the efforts).

😎 But most importantly, consumers intake a lot of 0-click content, and it’s less work (i.e. less clicking!) for them.

Think about the number of times you’ve gotten an answer from a Google SERP (search engine results page), but didn’t actually click on any of the links. Or the number of times you watched a YouTube video and didn’t go to the company’s website that produced it. That’s all 0-click, and your audiences likely consume content the same way.

Don’t miss out on additional opportunities to engage your prospects. While all of your content shouldn’t be 0-click, it can be an effective part of your marketing efforts.

The trick is that you have to measure the impact of your 0-click content differently, since it’s impact is indirect. For most marketing efforts, the impact is clear (e.g. this email returned this number of downloads or meeting requests). With 0-click content, you need to consider this effort as part of the overall strategy. It’s impact will be seen in the long-term measurements of your total marketing outcomes.

Interested to learn more about how 0-click content can fit into your overall strategy and how you can track its impact? Let’s talk.