#MarketingTipMonday No. 87

Want to instantly increase the potential impact of your content and introduce your small business to more prospective clients?

Post your content in more than one place!

Now, I’m not talking about “sharing.” While sharing is easier than natively re-posting, it doesn’t have the same potential impact. Social media platforms prioritize native content over content shared from other sources. (This is also known as 0-click content).

Example: Yes, you can share your YouTube video on LinkedIn. But LinkedIn will prioritize your video in its algorithm when you upload the video direct to into LinkedIn.

Sharing content = good
Re-posting content natively = best

It only takes a few extra minutes to repost content natively, and you create an opportunity to engage with entirely new audiences.

Today I’m taking my own advice. From now on, you can find #MarketingTipMonday on my Instagram @elyseisbeast.