#MarketingTipMonday No. 88

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve heard about Spotify’s annual Wrapped.

Here’s the lyrics to my most listened to song of 2022: “I’m a powerful dump truck. I rumble down the road. Pushing my load from here to there.”

Oh, did I mention this is a jingle on one of my kid’s toys?

“ElYsE, WhAt DoEs ThIs HaVe To Do WiTh MaRkEtInG?”

I’ll tell ya.

Here are three lessons from memorable kids tunes and the like that you can apply to your small business’ marketing:

👶 Use simple language
The dump truck does not careen down the road. Nor does it take the load to the furthermost point of the county limits. Simple words = simple to remember.
Experts advice writing content at a middle school level.

👶 Hyper-focused content
The dump truck song is only about the dump truck — an adjective (powerful) and two actions (rumble down the road; push loads). The song doesn’t concern itself with the contents of the load or the terrain of the road. Don’t concern your marketing with superfluous details either. Your marketing should focus on the one, most important thing too.

👶 Break the rules
The lyrics don’t rhyme. The song writer could have said, “I’m a powerful dump truck, with tires so big I never get stuck.” But they didn’t. Try something different in your marketing than everyone else is doing (particularly your competitors).

What jingles are constantly in your head? In addition to children’s songs, there are many great ones from marketing. Jingles are effective for a reason. Apply the best practices from your favorites to your marketing creative for memorable and fun results!