What’s in a From Name?

Meet Jane. I heard Jane speak at a large digital marketing conference. Jane, a big-wig at a large social networking site, said that their email open rates increased dramatically when they changed the “from” name and email address on their emails from the company name to a person.

I didn’t believe her.

I don’t know who Jane is, but I use her company’s product all the time. Why would I be more likely to open an email from Jane, a stranger, than a company whose product I use?

But like any good marketer, I put it to the test and was shocked by the results.

A quick A/B test on several marketing emails proved me wrong. Emails from a specific person encouraged 33% more people to open the email and therefore engage with the content. This simple change not only increased the open rate, but consequently increased the number of people who clicked through to read the blog posts, register for the webinar, or download the new white paper.

The moral of the story is to always test. You never know when a little change will have a big impact on your marketing results.