No, this isn’t a “I say potato. You say potato.” situation.

GOAT is the Greatest of All Time.
JOAT is a Jack of All Trades.

They’re at odds because you can’t be both. Since time is a limited resource, people who are the greatest at one thing can’t devote time to be proficient, or even experts, in many things. And visa versa.

Professionals must choose which to pursue — do you want to be the Greatest of All Time or a Jack of All Trades?

Realistically, most of us will never be the GOAT. And what if you become the GOAT in something that becomes obsolete? Think of the GOAT Myspace marketer. Or the GOAT at designing parachute pants. Or the GOAT town crier.

For most of us, being a JOAT is not only more realistic, it is also the better option to discover a new passion and have long-term job security.

To become a JOAT, think of yourself like a circus tent. As your career grows, you push out the tent poles, fitting in more and more exhibits, routines, and ultimately, customers. If a circus only had a ring master, it would be a boring show.

Your current job, career goals, and natural skill sets will help define a 3 ring circus all your own.

To help, here are 17 tangential skills marketers can master to become a Jack of All Trades:

  1. Writing Engaging Content
  2. Analyzing Profit and Loss Statements
  3. Digging into Campaign Analytics
  4. Managing Multichannel Projects
  5. Hosting Webinars or Podcasts
  6. Developing Buyer Personas
  7. Segmenting Audience Lists
  8. Auditing Competitors
  9. Leading Interdepartmental Teams
  10. Assessing Visual Creative
  11. Honoring Brand Standards
  12. Championing Online U/X
  13. Resolving Interpersonal Conflicts
  14. Creating Realistic Timelines
  15. Offering Support to Mentees
  16. Understanding the Sales Process
  17. Diving into Sector Research

Marketing is a profession based in soft-skills, so this isn’t an extensive list. Your particular mix to become your best Jack of All Trades will most certainly be different.