You Are Not a Hatrack: A Case for Outsourcing Your Marketing

As a small business owner, you wear a lot of hats. From accounting to personnel to administration to doing whatever your business actually does, you are your business’ most valuable resource.

There comes a time when you will need to focus on the core of your business — creating desired products or providing great services — and stop spending time wearing the hats that don’t quite fit. Marketing is no exception.

Most business owners decide its time to engage with a marketing partner for one of two reasons:

  1. Business is booming and it’s time to focus in on the core of the business.
  2. Business is stagnant and it’s time to ramp up sales leads.

Or somewhere in-between.

In either case, the right professional can help your business grow by overcoming these marketing pain points:

  • You have prospect and client information in multiple address books, excel sheets, or even on sticky notes and want to get it into one central location, but choosing and administering a CRM is a daunting task.
  • You are looking to increase your brand awareness to drive new sales leads, but don’t know which marketing tactics will have the best ROI for your company.
  • Your sales and marketing teams are at odds and need to work together to reach your business goals.
  • You have always wanted to send out an enewsletter to keep in touch with your connections, but working in an email platform and CRM seems overwhelming.
  • Your brand begins and ends at your logo. You’re looking for help extending your brand to your style guide and through your all your marketing communications.
  • You have spent a lot on marketing, but don’t see a return on your efforts.
  • You have a lot of customers and are seeking creative ways to keep them engaged.
  • Your website is just “good enough.” You know it could be better, but can’t put your finger on what’s wrong.

Marketing creates your company’s reputation and fuels your sales. It requires thoughtful, continued attention.

If you don’t have time to spend on marketing and need a marketing generalist who can help guide you to your best next step to increase your bottom line contact me today.